Apply for Franchises - Educational Consultancy Franchises 


If you would like to apply for a franchise for an educational consultancy, please review our website to determine if we have a branch nearby. You may open an office if none exists. Would you mind sending us a business proposal? We will be in touch with you shortly.



What do we do?


  • Create a website page on our website as a new branch
  • Create Social media and Youtube 
  • Create Google My Business / Map
  • Marketing 



Educational Consultancy Franchises Work and Condition 


  • We only allow it if there are no branches already.
  • Study abroad counselling
  • Uni Admission Documentation 
  • Supporting students in paying their tuition fees directly to the university






Hopefully, you find this page helpful; please visit our service page for more information on our service and follow us on Instagram for regular updates.