Study in the UK Checklists

Study in the UK Check Lists  – UK Visa Checklists – Documents Requirement to study in the UK

Several checklists must be followed for international students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. The lists include an offer letter from the University, an unconditional offer letter, a visa after the visa, and university registration requirements. So, please make sure you check all the steps correctly. Study in the UK Check Lists, UK Visa Checklists, and Document Requirements for studying in the UK have been provided. Let’s start by discussing the offer letter checklist. Could you scan the request properly and submit it in the required format? Please do not take a picture from your mobile phone as it will not accept it and may cause a delay in the processing of your application.

Study in the UK Checklists – Student Documentation Checklist for Offer Letter

  • Passport
  • IELTS if needed
  • CV  (Click here for Sample CV
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose) (Click here for SOP Sample
  • All academic certificates such as SLC (GCSC), 10+2 (O and A-Level), Bachelor, Master Certificates, whatever you have
  • Please provide a work experience or explanation letter if you have a GAP.
  • Academic Reference letter  ( Letter of Recommendation) 
  • Work experience ( if available)

You need to send the files below:

  1. Passport (only make this one pdf)
  2. Last Academic Degree certificate only in PDF format (only make this one PDF) 
  3. Last Academic Degree Mark sheet only in PDF (only make this one pdf) 
  4. All other academic Documents into one PDF (only make this one PDF file) 
  5. Letter of recommendation (single file PDF)
  6. Experience letter if you have (single file PDF)
  7. IELTS if you have (single file PDF )
  8. CV in MS Word (not PDF ) 
  9. SOP in MS Word – (not PDF)

Now, let me explain a little bit more. Could you send us nine files, please? When applying for a master’s degree, you must prepare one PDF file consisting of only the bachelor’s degree certificate and one PDF file consisting of only the bachelor’s degree mark sheet. Also, could you scan the third fill with other academic documents such as school-level certificates and 10+2 (some countries call school certificates or grade 12 or O and A levels)? The fourth file will consist of a letter of recommendation if one is available. The fifth file will include a note of work experience. The sixth file will consist of an IELTS test if necessary. As outlined above, finally, you must create a CV and prepare a sop using MS Word. Please do not submit PDF CVs or SOPs. 

study in the uk checklists

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English Language Requirements to Study in the UK?

  • The minimum IELTS score for postgraduate studies is 5.5, and overall is 6.5,
  • For undergraduate studies is each band 5.5 and overall 6.
  • A student with a minimum of B or 65% in English in the 12th grade can study in the UK at some universities without taking the IELTS test. This is because English is the language of instruction in schools and colleges. (English Medium).
  • PTE is also accepted, and scores depend on universities, which start at a minimum of 50. Overall, 56
  • Regardless of the language of your study or the percentage of your English proficiency, you must provide PTE or IELTS results if you apply for a Staff Nurse position. 

Format for writing an SOP to enroll University

Now, let’s discuss the SOP (statement of purpose). Each University has a different format, but you can follow the following guidelines or show your diverse talents by presenting your idea:

  • Academic History
  • Professional History 
  • Why the United Kingdom?
  • Why that University?
  • Why do you choose this course (mention course module)
  • Career plan (mention the benefits during PSW  and job opportunities in the UK  if it’s a placement course)
  • Click this link to learn more about the SOP writing format 

Student Documents to obtain CAS from the University

  • TB Clearance Certificate
  • Unconditional Offer letter
  • At least 28 days of bank statements from A-level banks. It must be either in the student’s or the student’s parents’ name if its parent’s name, Birth Certificate and sponsorship letter are needed. Maintenance funds must remain in a single account, not multiple accounts. 
  • Tuition fee paid receipt.
  • University interview date request.
  • In case of a student fails the University will provide the following interview. Again, fall, then they will process for deposit refund.
  • Once a bank statement is submitted, successful students will issue a CAS.

PSW Work Visa in the UK

  • After completing a bachelor’s or master’s, you are entitled to a 2-year post-study working visa and can work in the UK. However, for a Ph.D., you will get three years of PSW. 

Student Documentation for Visa Application

  • CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Resume
  • Valid Passport
  • Police Report ( If required) 
  • No objection letter from Education Ministration (if needed)
  • TB Clearance Certificate
  • Passport size Photographs – 2
  • Attested copies of mark sheets (if required)
  • Visa process preparation 
  • UKVI filled and printed online application
  • Application Fee
  • International Health Surcharge (IHS) fee
  • CAS from University
  • Birth Certificate if bank statement in parent name
  • Bank Statement  (See below maintenance funds section)
  • Make sure the bank statement needs 28 days and shows that you have enough funds to cover the course fee as well as the expensive monthly cost for a nine-month
  • Sponsorship letter of bank statement in the parent’s name

Maintenance funds to study in the UK for International Students – Living Expenses for International Students

You must demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your course tuition if you have already paid in advance. Additionally, the rules apply differently to institutes located within or outside London. So, London refers to the City of London and its 32 boroughs.

Expenses associated with living inside and outside of London (maintenance fund).

The remaining Fee if you have +

  • In London: £12,006 (£1,334 for each month of the course (up to a maximum of 9 months) – Always keep £1000 extra as the exchange rate can go up or down.
  • Outside London: £1,023 for each month of the course (up to a maximum of 9 months) – Always keep £1000 extra as the exchange rate can go up or down) 
  • Each Dependent £845 Per month (inner London), £7605 in Total
  • Each Dependent £680 Per month (Outer London), £6120 in Total

If your tuition fee is £10000, and you have submitted £6000, you must show the maintenance fee below.

Remaining Tuition Fee: £4000 + Maintenance fee of inside London University: £1334 X 9 = £12006

So in this circumstance, you must show at least  £16006 inside London Universities.

Student Dependent Maintenance Fund: 

Maintenance Funds as above. And the maintenance fund must show in the joint account if anyone applies with a dependent. Or it would be best if you had a consent form, relationship certificate, etc. 

What is the 28-day rule for UK visas?

A deposit for maintenance (tuition fees and living expenses) must remain in your account for 28 consecutive days. Your application will be rejected if the balance falls below the required amount by one day during the 28 days.

I’ve included the sample for the Bank Certificate here.

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  • Till Dec 2023, “You can only bring a dependent (husband or wife) when studying for a Master’s Degree. It means you can not qualify for a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree.” however, from Jan 2024, only for selected research degree courses. 


UK Dependent Visa Application Documents Checklist 

The list of documents needed for UK Student Dependent Visas is listed below:

  • Passport
  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Joint Bank Statement and Balance Certificate
  • Tb Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Marriage photograph
  • Relationship certificate


Do you know if I can show a loan?

An A-grade centre bank should regulate the bank, and many countries require a letter of dispersal of loans.

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