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Study in Canada – Study in Canada Checklist

If you are considering studying abroad, you must first select the country where you wish to pursue higher education. In case you are considering studying in Canada, our article may be of great help to you. Among the most critical factors is the quality of education Canadian Colleges and Universities offer at affordable fees.

Canada is known as an educational hub, attracting thousands of students from across the globe. Universities in Canada provide the same level of quality education as those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc., at affordable tuition rates. As a result of higher education and better quality of life in Canada, many Nepalese students are choosing to study there. In addition to receiving a quality education, studying in Canada allows you unity to earn while learning. Additionally, most Nepalese students studying in Canada have recommended their friends and family to check in Canada due to the quality of the education, the employment opportunities, and the safety the country provides. You can work 20 hours per week during college days and full-time during holidays while studying in Canada.

Study in Toronto 

Toronto is the capital of the Canadian territory of Ottawa and the country’s most populous city. The city has more than 140 languages so international students can enjoy a vibrant and diverse environment. You will not regret studying abroad in Toronto, from browsing the many museums to living in a relaxed atmosphere in the downtown area. As one of the largest education hubs in the country, Toronto is home to some of the country’s most highly ranked and prestigious universities. Toronto has several public universities and institutions specialising in applied arts, sciences and technology. All Toronto universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs in various academic fields. Typically, an undergraduate degree in Toronto will last four years, a master’s degree one year, and a doctoral degree between three and five years.
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Best colleges in Toronto, Canada

  • Seneca college 
  • Centennial college 
  • Mohawk college 
  • Lambton college 
  • Niagara college 
  • Fanshawe college
  • Fleming college 
  • Conestoga college
  • Algonquin college 
  • George Brown college 

Entry Requirements to Study in Canada

  • Score 6 in each band (English Language Test). 
  • Academic above 50% / 2.1 GPA
  • IELTS / PTE is mandatory for the offer and a visa.

Application Process to Study in Canada

Offer letter:

Typically, three documents are mainly required for an offer letter. The following are the required documents:

  1. Academic 
    • +2 – Provisional, Transcript
    • SEE/SLC – SEE Certificate, SEE Marksheet 
  2. PTE / IELTS score sheet 
  3. Passport 
  4. Resume 

These documents are sufficient for an offer letter.

For Visa:

  • Statements of bank accounts in Canadian dollars amounting to 40,000 is required.
  • Fee – Payment of the full one-year fee is required.
  • Dependent Entry – It may take some time. The applicant must apply as a single person and later use as a dependent once the visa has been granted.

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Why to Study in Canada?

Cost-Effective Tuition Fees

In Canada, colleges and universities charge tuition fees of approximately 400 Canadian dollars per year for programs in the social sciences, the arts, or education. In addition, quite a few programs cost between 1,000 and 4,000 CAD per year, but the vast majority cost over 10,000 CAD/per year. Also, the degrees obtained from Canadian universities are as respected as those obtained from universities in the United States and Australia.

World-Class Education Institution

Many of the universities in Canada are considered to be among the best in the world. The easy visa application process is another factor that makes Canada a desirable study destination for many students. International students in Canada have access to a transparent and accessible visa application process. Several scholarship programs are also available through universities and colleges in Canada to students who choose to study in the country. However, scholarships are offered exclusively to postgraduate students and are very limited.

Workplace Safety and Environment

Many education consultancies in Nepal also recommend that Nepalese students study in Canada because Canada provides international students with a sense of security and safety. The country has very little crime, and racial discrimination is almost nonexistent. Furthermore, studying in Canada offers several other benefits. International students studying in Canada from Nepal also benefit from the work permit provided by the Canadian government. As an international student, you may work up to 20 hours a week during regular college breaks and full-time during standard college terms.

Visa for post-graduation employment

The Canadian government also offers post-graduation work permits valid for three years for international students. By obtaining this work permit, you can work for any employer in Canada, in any location, and have the flexibility to change employers and gain additional work experience. It is possible to obtain employment anywhere in the world with Canada’s high quality of education. More international students can apply for Permanent Residency within Canada, which can take up to 15 to 18 months. Canada PR requires 67 points as a minimum eligibility requirement.

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