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Universities in Germany mix venerable customs with cutting-edge technology. About Campus Germany, you may find information on more than 300 universities, ranging from esteemed colleges that give students the traditional range of disciplines, including English, German, Law, and Medicine, to cutting-edge new universities with interdisciplinary study options. Academic freedom is one of the fundamental concepts of the German university system, and German universities are accessible to anybody who meets the requirements. Universities in Germany integrate study and research. They are well-known around the world and have hosted numerous ground-breaking discoveries. International faculty and students are drawn to study at German universities. The theoretical study is combined with its practical application in modern German universities. They both instruct and train; applied research supplements basic research. They frequently work together across disciplines and have close relationships with other research institutions in Germany as well as overseas and international corporations. This ultimately improves the grads’ prospects of finding employment.

Why choose Germany to study abroad?

Many pupils today don’t want an utterly theoretical education any longer. Numerous applied science universities in Germany provide the well-rounded education required for a professional job. The curriculum frequently includes real-world experience working with local businesses. Companies in Germany are interested in luring internationally trained graduates. Once they return home, these former students might often continue to serve as foreign spokespersons for the business. Approximately 1500 Nepalese students travel to Germany each year to pursue higher education in various topics at various universities. Around 8000 students are enrolled at German institutions at any given time. After completing their education in Germany, many Nepalese students have successful professions. Students typically apply to study abroad in Germany for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Most international students learn for free in Germany, the third most popular study-abroad country, so they don’t have to worry about paying hefty tuition.

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Best University to Study in Germany

Schiller International University 

Schiller International University is a private American university rooted in Germany and is renowned for its global educational approach. The Heidelberg campus, Schiller’s flagship and the first and largest among its institutions offers students a unique opportunity to earn certified dual degrees recognized in the US and Europe. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), Schiller International University provides a diverse and enriching learning environment. Schiller empowers students to excel academically and professionally through its unwavering commitment to excellence, preparing them for successful careers in an interconnected world.

Intake Offered By Schiller International University

  • May
  • June
  • September
  • October

Available Courses at SCHILLER International University

Undergraduate Courses

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Arts International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Bachelor of Science in International Business
  • Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Science in International Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

Postgraduate Courses

  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy (University of Roehampton Dual Degree)
  • MBA + Certificate in Data Science
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MBA (Spanish)
  • MBA in International Business
  • Master of Science in Global Finance
  • Master of Science in Sustainability Management
  • Master of Science in Data Science
  • Masters in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

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Entry Requirements at SCHILLER International University

For Undergraduate

  • High School with a minimum of 60% from recognised institution + Online Interview
  • IELTS: Overall score 6.0 with no section less than 5.5
  • TOEFL: Overall score 80

For Postgraduate

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 60% from a recognised university + Online Interview
  • IELTS: Overall score 6.5 with no section less than 6.0
  • TOEFL: Overall score 89

Fees to Study in Germany at Schiller International University


  • Starting from 21,000 Euro for Local students and  27,000 Euro for International Students.


  • Starting from 18,000 Euro for Local students and 20,0000 Euro for International students.


  • Starting from 15,000 Euro for Local students and 17,0000 Euro for International students

PhD in Economics

  • Starting from 18,000 Euro for Local students and 21,000 Euro for International students


  • Starting from 18,000 Euro for Local students and  21,000 Euro for International students 

Required Documents

  • University-issued pre-registration or admission certificate
  • Authorisation by Campus France
  • Your passport or ID card (valid during your stay)
  • Passport Size Photos
  • Translation of graduation diplomas into French
  • Fees for registration
  • Registration for social security (free)
  • Certificate of Civil Liability
  • Students from the European Union need a copy of their European health insurance card.
  • Resume (only in some instances and for postgraduate degrees only)
  • Cover letter
  • An English and French language certificate (depending on the language of teaching in the chosen degree program)
  • Records transcripts
  • A copy of your diploma (if available, a certificate of graduation)
  • Your proof of funding (at least 800 EUR per month)

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